Gin Xoriguer goes hand in hand with Menorca just as, probably, Menorca goes hand in hand with Gin Xoriguer.

History, tradition, culture, craftsmanship, nature and countryside all play a major role in both the present and future of the Xoriguer Distilleries, and it was them who were responsible for the ‘Authentic Menorca’ design, a strategy to promote our products and highlight our connection with the island where they are made.

The ‘Authentic Menorca’ concept is all about holding different events and participating in cultural, business or sporting initiatives. Our aim is to raise awareness of Menorca’s beauty and natural resources while promoting Xoriguer Distilleries’ longstanding tradition of craftsmanship, quality and dedication. We want to place our brand even more firmly on the map without losing the quintessential essence of what Gin de Mahón means to us, just how important that vital link is and will always be to its harbour’s history and people or their way of living and enjoying.